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Server Update to 7.2.5 (Global) - 2017-07-23
And this:
+ changes in legendaries and some spells http: //wowhead.co...-in-patch-7-2-5
+ new legendaries http: //wowhead.co...-in-patch-7 -2-5
+ new armor http: //wowhead.co...r-20-armor-sets
+ new quests (world and normal)
+ opening of the new raid and dungeon in subsequent update and more http: //wowhead.co ... ras-raid-guides


In addition, it was implemented a lot of new features:
+ Fixed not correct information when interrupted spell (interrupt type)
+ Implemented a set of Honor
+ Implemented a set of prestige
+ Rewards for recruiting Honor
+ Increase the prestige of rank
+ Achievements associated with a set of Honor and prestige
+ Rewards for achieving prestige level 2
+ Pumping PvP talents
+ Reset all Honor, Honor level and prestige, exhibited correct pumping values
+ Fixed about 350 bugs in the latest server patches and fixes about 15 crash.

+ Fixed order of 200 NPC worldwide
+ Added around 500 new NPC
+ Preparation for the opening of new dungeons and raids
Bitestone Rockcrusher Rewritten
Bitestone Raider Rewritten
Bitestone Slinger Rewritten
Drakkari Shaman Rewritten
Drakkari Warrior Rewritten
Illysanna Ravencrest Rewritten Boss

+ 500 fixed order quests
+ Added about 200 new quests


UPDATES spells, talents and similar:
+ Huge number of edits on the abilities and talents of all classes, according to the patch 7.2.5 (a list of about 200 pieces)
Rewritten Spells :
Vampiric Aura
Blood Link
Ooze Spell Tank Protection
321-Boombot Aura
Mark of Malice
Twisted Reflection
Dancing Rune Weapon
Mark of Blood
Runic Power Back on Snare/Root
Omen of Clarity
Healing Touch
Mana Restore
Druid Tier 6 Trinket
Item - Druid T10 Balance 4P Bonus
Item - Druid T10 Restoration 4P Bonus (Rejuvenation)
Vampiric Touch
Vampiric Touch
Hunting Party
Alchemist Stone
Anger Capacitor
Anger Capacitor
Aura of Madness
Deadly Precision
Deadly Precision
Item - Icecrown 25 Normal Melee Trinket
Item - Icecrown 25 Heroic Melee Trinket
Discerning Eye of the Beast
Frozen Shadoweave
Item - Icecrown 25 Normal Dagger Proc
Item - Icecrown 25 Heroic Dagger Proc
Bonus Healing
Health Restore
Persistent Shield
Pet Healing
Swift Hand of Justice
Purified Shard of the Scale - Equip Effect
Shiny Shard of the Scale - Equip Effect
Sunwell Exalted Caster Neck
Sunwell Exalted Melee Neck
Sunwell Exalted Tank Neck
Sunwell Exalted Healer Neck
Unstable Power
Restless Strength
Evasive Maneuvers
Item - Icecrown 25 Normal Tank Trinket 1
Item - Icecrown 25 Heroic Tank Trinket 1
Item - Chamber of Aspects 25 Tank Trinket
Item - Chamber of Aspects 25 Heroic Tank Trinket
Burning Determination
Hot Streak
Improved Mana Gems
Improved Mana Gems
Paladin Tier 6 Trinket
Holy Power
Item - Paladin T8 Holy 2P Bonus
Oracle Healing Bonus
Priest Tier 6 Trinket
Heal Refund
Item - Priest T10 Healer 2P Bonus
Shaman Tier 6 Trinket
Totemic Power
Item - Shaman T8 Elemental 4P Bonus
Item - Shaman T9 Elemental 4P Bonus (Lava Burst)
Item - Shaman T10 Elemental 4P Bonus
Item - Shaman T10 Restoration 4P Bonus
Seed of Corruption
Seed of Corruption
Seed of Corruption
Seed of Corruption
Seed of Corruption
Seed of Corruption
Seed of Corruption
Shadowflame Hellfire and RoF
Item - Warrior T10 Protection 4P Bonus
Cheat Death
Second Wind
A Trip to Ironforge - Quest Complete
Follow That Gyro-Copter - Quest Start
Low Health
Trolling for Information: Troll Trigger Aura
Aspect of the Cheetah
Impending Victory
Victorious State
Fire Extinguisher
Volatile Shielding
Travel Form
Travel Form
Travel Form
Travel Form
Travel Form
Infernal Contract Banned for BG

Special Notes The updated:
RED - Very important changes
BOLD - Important changes

What to expect in the near future:
+ Additional changes of spells
+ Changes on the server crash (they can still be due to the fact that the fresh version)
+ Launch of new dungeons and raids
+ Other Changes

Vote for the server, and like repost news server, and help make it better!
All the luck in the game!
What's next: - 2017-07-23
MONTHLY opening of new dungeons and bosses
Daily work to improve the working spells
Daily work to improve the quests and the database as a whole
Additional uniques: - 2017-07-23
+ MOD Ball of teleportation
+ announcer on LEGION, WOD and MOP boss killing
+ mount buffer (10 Gold gives ride mounts )
+ pet buffer (10 Gold gives a walk with a companion)
What has already been implemented on our server: - 2017-07-23
+ Personal loot in raids and dungeons
+ Chests for local quests (with legendary items)
+ implemented 3 slot of artifacts, extra life by pumping artifact and improved artifact of relics
+ implemented ALL HIDDEN views of artifacts
+ awards for BG (the power of the artifact + random PVP thing in the class)
+ now supports new types of energy classes from
+ implemented changes in the level of monsters under the level of the player on BROKEN ISLES
+ ALL class halls works fine
+ Implemented Versatile stat
+ Implemented leech stat
+ Implementation of AOE loot system
+ Many spells rewritten for PVP mode (based on the data from the official server)
+ spells and talents are working on 90%
+ works achievements of legion and old additions
+ works reputation with quests and monsters, and a legion of other addons
+ implemented disguise for the city Suramar Masquerade (allows you to get a lot of quests and resources in the city)
+ scripted NPC who talk with each other and with the player
+ new weapons and armor additions legion, mounts and pets
+ location BROKEN ISLES are inhabited by 99%
+ fully loot from all the monsters
+ provides new profession legion and resource extraction
+ rare monsters addition legion
+ all quests,NPC,GO in EN/RU/ES/PT/DE , some TW,KO,CHN
+ monsters using spells against players
Brutallus NEW
Apocron NEW
Malificus NEW
Si'vash NEW
Withered J'im
Drugon the Frostblood
Na'zak the Fiend
*loot guaranteed 2-3 things
WORKING Dungeons and Raids LEGION addon - 2017-07-23
The Emerald Nightmare RAID level: 110
Return to Karazhan level: 110
Violet Hold level: 110
Black Rook Hold level: 110
Court of stars level: 110
Eye of Azshara level: 110 
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